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We can boast of many years of successful experience in renting all types of motor vehicles, offering exclusive excursions and transfers inside and outside Croatia, cooperation with hotels, travel agencies and quality cooperation with our satisfied customers.

The Lussino company, located on Mali Lošinj, one of the most beautiful islands on the Adriatic coast, offers boat rental services (modern and fast dinghies – with or without skipper), boat transfers, electric bicycles, scooters and excursions. We will allow you to tour the coast and the interior of the island with a superb experience of the entire offer of our island. For your complete satisfaction, we have provided the best luxury dinghies with aluminum troughs, Haibike electric bikes that are known as the best in the world and scooters. Our ships are fully equipped in accordance with all modern requirements and laws of the Republic of Croatia.

Choose a rental of motor boats or modern dinghies with or without a skipper, transfer to one of the hidden coves or neighboring islands and experience a luxurious vacation in Croatia. Explore the hidden streets and tour the picturesque towns by electric bike.

The passenger transfer service is completely tailored to your requirements and wishes, and the transfer price depends on the departure or destination location. Transfers are made to ships from our offer (see ships in the fleet, under the heading of ship offers).

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We want to reveal the natural beauties and sights of the Lošinj archipelago with the possibility of visiting the most beautiful beaches in the world and special experiences such as meeting dolphins, swimming with tuna, watching an impressive sunset and enjoying the flavors of traditional gourmet delicacies according to your interests and needs.

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